Friday, January 14, 2011

Dignity Village

An interesting concept that the government has allowed is a campsite for the homeless, called Dignity Village. Dignity village is all about its name, staying dignified, and not being treated as if you're recieving a handout. The village has its own administrative and legislative branch that conducts interviews and allows homeless people a place to stay for a certain amount of time. Every new suggestion is treated as an actual law, and must pass through legislation before being approved. They even have a sanitation and recycling department that keeps the site clean. The village has 24 hour security to prevent things that discourage some homeless people from staying in an actual shelter such as assault. It also has things like hot dog and food stands that go out into the city and raise money for the village. Should or community consider something like this? Think the government would pass something like this in the front range? The cold weather would definitely be an issue, but in the summer it could provide shelter and a sense of security for people looking for a temporary place to stay.


  1. That's interesting. I had never heard of Dignity Village, but I did some research after reading your post. It almost seems like it was started by the homeless, and then more or less co-opted by people trying to make a socio-political point. I wonder what percentage of the current DV would be considered political dissidents, and what percentage would be true homeless. What do you think?

  2. i first heard of the Dignity Village from one of Mark Harvoth's videos.

    Emma - you should come with us to the shelter. you would learn a ton from Doug. you do have a good heart. and one that seems focused on this.

    let's seek out some of your wonderings. no?